Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday September 9

The other day, Marilyn told her Dad and I that she wanted the room and her bed rearranged. She mentioned it again a few days later. Her Dad looked at her and said, "Well maybe we could do that tomorrow." Mare replied, "thats what you said a few days ago." The room got changed.

We had a great visit from three of my former tennis players who knew Mare well. Tara and Sara Ireland and Katherine Rutledge. It was so good to see them. They brought flowers and pizza and just as they were to leave, mare awoke to allow them to love on her a little. It made my day. Sara and Tara were very close to us. Katherine is the nurse who job shadowed Mare many years ago and was one of her inspiration to go into nursing. Too cool.

As i watch mare interact with all her visitors, i am so glad she has not gone on the drip yet. That would have been a mistake. She is still enjoying visits and is becoming quite funny on all this medication. Mary Rebar told Mare that she is the one to determine when that happens. While it is hard for those of us that love her to watch her struggle, I am so glad she told her that. She is still enjoying life and visits from those who she has touched.

She slept a lot today and cried as much too. She has started tube feedings as well and Mary Rebar from ALS association said we may see a short rebound effect from that extra nutrition.

Some of our closest friends came and played piano and sang for mare tonight. it was so good to hear that piano used again. I use to LOVE hearing Mare play on that baby grand. She would play some classical and i would eat it up. I would open the windows so our neighbors could get the benefit of her plaing as well. Mares life has encompassed music. It is fitting to give it back to her at this time.

Two more nurses and lauren will take care of mare tonight as i get another interrupted nights sleep. I was hesitant to bring mare home from the hospital a while back when it was suggested she go to a skilled nursing facility but many of her friends said they would help. They have kept their word.

If you did not get to hear mares throne of grace song, go to you tube and type in Marilyns army throne of grace.

May mare have a restful and peaceful sleep.

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