Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday September 6th

Mare was too weak to go to church. I did not eve know it was Sunday. Gpa had to tell me. And All the medication mare is on made it so she was not as mad at me as last week. So the family again just took turns being by her side. Gina postponed gong home another day. Kap n paul came up (mares sis) to spend some time with her. That means we get uncle pauls famous sourdough hot cakes for breakfast! Gpa and kay went to church but were over immediately after. My niece selena came up to be with her auntie mare. Lauren came back up after work and a visit to bumbeshoot. Brian was here. And then all the visitors that are too numerous to mention. I had to ask a few of my former players to wait a day or two just so mare could rest a bit. This is one popular lady. One of the players is now a nurse. She told me Marilyn had an influence on her deciding to choose nursing. That is not the first time we have heard that.

We called hospice to see about a bed bath aide and they sent one right over. She was an angel and did it with such care. Mare was so glad to feel clean again. She has been in bed for several days now. She still is not requesting much in the way of food but did have a strawberry vivano from starbucks and she loved it.

Mare seems quite comfortable. The medication is helping. So much so that she awoke once to tell us she dreamt that she was made of entirely yellow post it notes. We have also been playing a lot of music for her. Lauren and Selena had the night shift. Before bed, we played her a lullaby that was sent to us from our former pastor and now friend, bill archer. I have supplied the link for you. Look on the left side of the page a little way down.

May mare have a restful and peaceful sleep.

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  1. How good it was to hear that you are staying home with your family, Jeff. Certainly your students are in good hands. Count on whatever days the district will let me give you, and I am certain there are many others who will be there in the same way. What amazing gifts of love and memories Marilyn is giving you all. This mom will surely live on and on and on...

    May the Leer family, one and all, have a restful and peaceful sleep.