Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday September 18th

My two angels from St. Joes took the night watch again.

We had many visitors again today. I apologize for not recognizing you all but i know you understand. Some of our tennis friends came to visit. I miss them and playing with them. We spent some time catching up.

I was wondering what i was going to do about work so i gave them a call. It appears that without even making an official plea for shared leave, i have been donated enough to stay home through Oct. 2nd. My High School AD called. He has been so supportive throughout this ordeal. You see, the man that started the ALS Doubleday bike ride was a friend of his. He understands what it is like to watch someone you love and admire be taken by this insidious disease. He called to tell me he donated 10 days to me so i could stay home and be with mare. Thanks Ed.

When i got home from the Homecoming assembly, my house was filled with the amazing sound of the Nichols family. Mom and her three daughters were at the piano singing for mare. They have amazing voices. Mare was just soaking it in. A few months ago, Mare and I bit the bullet and planned her memorial service. She picked out who she wants to lead it, who her pall bearers will be, what songs she wants and who will sing them. The Nichols family is who mare has chosen. When they finished i could not help but wonder when they would sing for her next. I'm glad Mare got to hear that. Her smiles are becoming a little less frequent due to weakening diaphragm muscles. She smiled almost the entire time they sang.
What a moment. I sat in the auditorium with Lauren, Carmen and Lynn. We were surrounded by all the other royalty family. Marilyn had decided not to attempt to make the trip. It was odd to sit there surrounded by people but feeling so isolated. I thought of the upcoming game next week when the royalty will parade through at halftime. I remember from last year that the parents also are announced. My mind fast forwarded to that moment next week when they announce Bub as King and then his parents. I hope i can hold it together.
May mare have a restful and peaceful sleep.

They played this video at the assembly. Sorry about the poor quality. I had to video tape it. You Tube made us change the audio. It was better before


  1. Wow, what an honor to be reconized by the school staff and especially the students. Brian must be very well loved within the Mt Vernon community, as is his entire family. This video is very special, and I'm sure brought a genuine smile to Marilyn and her family. Thanks for sharing with those of us who read this blog every day and feel connected to Mare, her family and friends through this unforgiving disease.

  2. Very cool to see God's grace attending you during this time. You are loved by many, but none more than Him. God bless you.