Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday September 17th

Mare had a good night and good day. Breathing difficulties were minor and she had some great visitors. She has decided not to go to the assembly Friday. I will go and tape it for her. She realizes it would be a difficult trip for her. I am glad she chose not to go.

The respiratory therapist came to check on mare today. We asked her why the machine was not letting her take a breath sometimes. She is suppose to be able to override the machines input/output if she wants to take a breathe while it is trying to help her breathe out. The therapist confirmed that mares lungs are probably just getting too weak to override the machine.
She had a good visit from Dr Rosquist from St Joes. She spent a lot of time just rubbing mares feet and chatting. It was a good visit. We also had a visit from her new hospice nurse. She is not Jane but she will take good care of mare.

Two more night angel from Joes will give me another good nights sleep. I'm getting spoiled.

In the afternoon, we had a visit from 12 of the members of the Synergy choir from Mount Vernon High School. Lauren used to be in that choir. They were awesome. They sang 4 songs. The house just breathed life for those few minutes. Some of the kids know our family. They had difficulty singing. The last song they sang was Good ole A Cappella. As i listened to the great sound coming from those kids, the words to the second verse hit me hard

Singing it soul to soul, brother to brother
A cappella-it sounds good to me
Singing it soul to soul, brother to brother
A cappella-it sounds good to me

And now i turn out the lights and say goodnight to another day
Im gonna rest my weary head in my long awaited bed
I'm gonna get on me knees and pray, ask the Lord to give me just one more day
Oh Lord hear my plea-This music just sounds so good to me

Singing it soul to soul, brother to brother...........

May Mare have a restful and peaceful sleep.

ps My dear friend John Carl who battled cancer with dignity finished that battle today. I spent many an hour on the tennis court with him. More hours out to dinner with him and his wife and our friend pam.

May John rest in peace.

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