Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday/Sunday September 19th & 20th

Mare had a really good weekend. I wasn't even going to blog anything but i know people start getting worried if they dont see something on here. She looked good and had no major breathing issues. She still has not been out of bed since last weekend but all in all, a good weekend. I was on my own Sat night. It had been a while since i had to pull the night duty. Makes me appreciate my night angels even more. Sunday night, holly came to my rescue again. That lady has more energy than the teenagers i work with. Truly amazing lady.

Speaking of truly amazing lady, we have met so many people who were impressed with the way mare took care of their baby. She really was a great nurse. Peter and Elizabeth dropped off dinner sat. Mare took care of their premature little guy jack and they were so impressed with Mares care they have been very supportive like the rest of you during this time.

My staff continue to support me above and beyond the call. One of our ride team members at my school emailed to offer 6 days in addition to the others. She is a counselor there and has been someone i could go unload on with it got too much at work. She is my work angel. At times i wish i was able to go to work now. It would help take my mind off this being around all those kids. I just cant leave her though.

We had a bunch of family here on Sunday. I snuck in a nap. Uncle Paul and Mares sister Kathy were here with Gpa and Kay. We had some nephews here as well. Rod and Kim Koenig brought dinner. They are friends that go back to the days we lived in Bham. Lauren is rooming with their daughter at NWU.
Mare has hopes to at least go to the halftime show of the football game next week where they announce the Royalty. Not sure if she will make it to the event but again, it will be her call.
May mare have a restful and peaceful sleep.


  1. Thanks for the good news Jeff. Looking forward to seeing you tonight!

  2. Good to hear you had a great weekend and nice to see Marilyn smiling.

  3. You're looking good Marilyn! And that little Jack is something else!!

  4. Thanks for posting, Jeff, even when you don't feel like it. Your love and concern for the rest of us out here is so appreciated! I really enjoyed seeing Mare's new pictures. Her eyes are full of life and serenity. She looked beautiful. Jeff, my heart is with you in the craziness of all your emotions. You have the strength and grit of our Blessed Mother who stayed by her Savior and son's side to love him throughout each and every new pain and loss as everything was stripped from Him. None of this can make sense but you embrace faith in the mystery of every day's crucifixion. I continue to hold you all in such deep prayer. Congrats to all of you on Brian's Homecoming. What a sweet kid. I hope it is a fun event! Love, Cindy