Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday August 25th

Reading all the comments was so encouraging - knowing that others are out there sharing this with us. Thanks for taking the time to read and post comments.

Mare woke up around 10 today. It was shower day. I'm so glad Gina was here to help me. It really is a two person job. Gina and her family have been here for two weeks. They have been so helpful to me. They leave tomorrow and im going to miss them big time.

By the time she got done and had breakfast the Hospice social worker was here followed by the Hospice nurse. The encouraged Mare to finally complete the Physicians order form that will let any EMS know what mares wishes are in terms of how they are to help her. We have been putting that off for so long. It is finally done :(

Mare stayed on oxygen when she was not sleeping today. It seems to give her comfort and her nurse said that was what it was for. It is so hard to watch her not be able to enjoy normal things.

We are taking a few days just for family. Lauren is leaving for school and i start soon also. Wed - Sun are going to be just family days. Should be good.

ps we watched a video of brian when he was 8 playing tennis tonight. It brought back such good memories. When it is all said and done, that is all we have isn't it?


  1. Memories are good..you 'll always have them tucked away in your heart and they reaffirm your love and committment as a family. The bad part is, as we get older memories can fade..you need to touch them and bring them out once in awhile so they stay fresh and memorable. Make the most of your special weekend. Love and Prayers to you all.
    Judy B

  2. OK, I am trying this again. My first try at blogging didn't seem to "post". And you really missed it...I am sure it was eliquent.
    Last night we got to see the 8 year-old-Brian with a tennis racket bigger than him. Tennis is how we know your family at all and we are grateful for the connection. Who knew that lessons would lead to such a friendship between our families.
    Thanks for starting this blog. Even with the sleeping/eating/breathing issues, Marilyn, you looked wonderful last night. How do you do that?
    We love you,

  3. I am praying for you as you make this trip to Virginia Mason. I know it will be hard. Jesus is with you every second. Stop and feel His Will to take this burden, Jeff. Let others be strong for you. I am home and thinking and praying all day. I just love Marilyn so much. I fee like she is my sister, in this life and in Christ. I don't want this to happen. Please let me help with anything. Grieving with you and loving you all,

  4. Thanks bro, for the wonderful gift you are giving to us by sharing your lives in this way. It truly is a gift and I appreciate it!!!

    Rod Koenig