Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday August 29th

It was a good day. It felt almost normal. Mare got out of bed at 1130 and gave her a shower. She loves to get her hair washed. After breakfast she wanted to go to see laurens apartment. I hooked up her bipap in the van and we were off. When we got there she got the grand tour and also got to meet all laurens roomates. Im so glad she got a chance to see where her daughter will be and who she will live with. She also got a nice visit with her friend and mother of Kara, kim koenig. I took a few pictures to post but my daughter has not sent them to me so i will post them tomorrow. Then you can compare the previous pic and see how the girls have grown up.

We took Lauren to the Wing Dome in kirkland for dinner. (sorry lisa - i should have called you sis as i know you love that place) Mare could not eat the wings but i gave her some fries loaded with tarter.

When we got home i fed her some soup and then ice cream as we watched a really dumb movie - the international- It was really nice to have the house just to the two of us. We appreciate all the visitors and helpers but it feels so good to have the place just to ourselves. It gives us some sence of normalcy.

I have one more week before school is to start. There is talk of a strike. We dont need that stress added to this situation. 5 years ago i moved to Marysville when they had the longest teacher strike in state history. I ended up losing my job a a result and having to take out much of the retirement i had accrued just to make it until the next fall. It was the worst year of my life before this year. Needless to say, im not a huge fan of teacher strikes.

Mare was on her bipap most of the day. It makes her feel a lot more comfortable. She had a good day. We had a good day. Thanks for all the encouragment. After the news i need to get her to bed. I saved some of those wings and they are calling my name.

May mare have a restful and peaceful sleep.


  1. It was SO special to spend time together at the apartment yesterday. I'm really, really glad that Marilyn got to come. That will be a special memory to treasure. Though we just enjoyed the time chatting and didn't talk about anything too serious, it was so great just spending the time together. I'm also glad we got to spend the little bit of time talking at the van, Jeff. Your friends want to be there for you in whatever way we can, though we are so limited at this point in what we can say and do.

    I'm looking forward to seeing Kara's and Lauren's friendship grow again over the year at NW. I know the school will be a good place for Lauren to be this year. I enjoyed spending time visiting with Lauren yesterday too as we put things together in the apartment.

    Love you guys much!!!

    Kim Koenig

  2. Glad you had a good day..... I am so happy to hear that Mare got to go to see where Lauren will be staying. That is very special.

    Gee,I wish I had some leftover chicken. Wait, there is a wingdome right up the street from my house. I could WALK there. Do you have one in your neighborhood Jeff. HMMM??? Oh and there is also Dick's just a hop skip and a jump away....

    I will forgive, forget not so much. :)

    love you guys.