Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday August 30th

I didn't get her up for church. She was not happy as she really wanted to go. But we were up until 1130 last night and of course i cant sleep for a few hours after i get her to bed. It takes an hour and a half to get her up, dressed and fed and out the door. So i just let us both sleep. I told her i would find an evening service next week for her.

Instead, brian came down from his lair upstairs and we watched the little league world series together. It was a great game and good time for the three of us. Brian doesnt talk much with us about all of this. Its easier if you dont for him i think. But deep down he's strong like his mother and i know he will be alright. Both the kids are going to make their mother so proud.

Lauren needed some work on her car so brian and i went down there in the evening to pick it up. While we were gone, Mare had quite the choking spell. Gpa and kay had to get her over to her cough assist machine. When i got back she was ok but when i gave her the nightime meds she had some difficulty getting those down as well. For the most part she stays relatively calm during these episodes. She is so strong. They scare the piss out of me.

please pray that mare be spared any struggling. She doesnt deserve any of this but especially that. She has been so incredibly strong and brave. It has been so quiet here. Im looking forward to visitors. Thanks you guys for sharing this burden with us.

may mare have a restful and peaceful sleep.


  1. Yes, Marilyn is brave and strong. She has figured out how to let Christ live in her to the fullest. That is one thing that has always attracted me to Marilyn. Perhaps, Jeff, that is what attracted you all those years ago, too. Perhaps more visitors will come...

  2. Hi Jeff and family,
    Dale Mabren finally checking in. I so appreciate this blog, Jeff. I appreciate your honesty and need to have us here, as well as my need to know how things are. My sons and their wives have all watched Marilyn's talk at the ALS dinner, and their lives are forever touched by it. I sometimes think about visiting, but I don't want to bring the stress of meeting a new person. You have so many people who love Marilyn. In the large scope I have done precious little, and constantly wonder what more I might do. Please think creatively and ask me to do whatever makes sense, or doesn't make sense. This seems the greatest of God's expectations of us -- accept the unacceptable and continue to be a people of faith. What was He thinking??????? Remember, that I'm giving you some sick days this coming year. Okay, I'm weeping again. Happens every time I visit here. God lift you up, God carry your burdens, and God protect your gracious heart.