Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Aug 24th

Lauren's 21st birthday! She is celebrating with a friend in Las Vegas. Brian started his senior year of tennis today. I started coaching tennis as well. It is good to have something to do. I wasn't sure if i should coach considering our situation but Mare said yes and i really needed it for me.

Marilyn had a pretty serious breathing issue yesterday. We hate this disease. There is no getting better - just gets worse. I know many of you want updates and we thought this was the best way to do that without having to speak to each of you individually. So i hope to update each day on how we are doing and marilyn's condition.

Marilyn has been sleeping a lot lately. She uses her bipap machine when she sleeps so it feels good for her. We just started using oxygen with her as well when she is not on the bipap. She has been having a lot of bad headaches too. Gpa said that was common with her mom as well.

Her attitude is still positive. She really is amazing. Rick and Gina (marilyn's sister from portland) and the girls are still here. They are leaving Wednesday after mares appointment in seattle. The hospice nurse is such a gentle lady. She comes twice a week to check on mare and make sure she has all she needs. Time for dinner. Uncle rick smoked some meat on my Traeger. Until tomorrow - the leers


  1. We hate this disease also, have they told Mare why she is having these terrible headaches? My PALS has horrible headaches, they put him on the v-pap which makes him take some extra breaths and it doesn't even seem to help. We love you Mare.

  2. Marilyn is amazing and so is her family and all her army...I don't know anything about headaches or the treatments, so I don't have any advice, but know you guys are all in my thoughts and prayers. Happy Birthday Lauren and good luck with tennis this season Brian and oh too Jeff.

  3. Thanks for starting this blog Jeff. We hold you close to our hearts and we will appreciate the updates.

  4. Marilyn: My 3rd attempt at's new to me, and I've so far been unsuccessful. I want you to know that I will be following your blog daily so that you know that I am with you on this journey. And I also want you to know that when I checked my daily schedule in my office each morning before retiring, when I saw Lauren or Brian on it, it made my day! They are your legacy; a reminder of a job well done. I wanted to clone you so that others would be the mother that you were, and are. And I want to thank you for providing the care and compassion for my newborns and their parents as they began their new journeys. Take care, get your rest, and, I hope, find equanimity. Dale Heisinger

  5. Jeff & Mare, this is my first time blogging -- thanks for making me :) You don't know how perfect this is for me as I have been praying and want to know what's going on but didn't want to take your time.
    I am jealous that the boy's tennis season gets warm & sunny weather, while the girls is wet, windy & cold. Enjoy wearing your shorts and sun glasses Jeff!!
    So glad you have lots of love surrounding you. Megan

  6. Happy Birthday to Lauren, Please tell her to come to my shop on Wednesday and I will give her a free tan!!
    Thank you so much for updating all of us. Technology is wonderful. My prayers are with all of you, give Marilyn a hug for me.
    Jill Partridge

  7. It's good that you are taking this time for your family.. our thoughts and prayers for you are constant companions in our days. It's an honor and a privilege to pray for you. The Lord has you tucked in His Arms.
    Happy Birthday to Lauren... It's nice that you can coach tennis... you make such a difference in the lives of those kids, Jeff.
    Oh.. my effort to give you shared sick leave was a dismal failure. I'm sorry. It felt like a great way to support you from a long distance.
    A warm hug to you and Marilyn.
    Barb and John

  8. Dear Marilyn,
    You are close to my heart.
    May Peace...
    Surround you and your loved ones continuosly.
    You are loved. Rest in that love. Heaven awaits you, Marilyn! You are about to experience perfection!
    Love, Sandy V